Our Story

D One Catering was incorporated in April 2016 to extend D+1 Holding’s premium brands across events and corporate functions island-wide. With a great product that is Yolé as our leading premium brand offering, we have been expanding the brand with more than half of our deployments being linked to corporations whilst embarking on extending our services to private functions and mega scale events such as festivals, marathons and large scale corporate day outs.


As a subsidiary of D+1 Holding, we strive to offer all D+1 product offerings at competitive packages and to be recognised as the first premium multi-brand catering service in Singapore. Our mission is to provide a complementary and unique catering service that will impress at all events and functions whilst maintaining the high-quality nature of all our product offerings as they are found in our brick and mortar stores.


As we continue to embark on events of varying scales, our efforts are focused on providing our partners abroad a platform which they could rely upon within their own operational hubs. Thus, providing them with a reliable knowledge base to replicate and extend the product offerings and services whilst overcoming their respective geographical and logistical challenges.

Our Reach

Leveraging from our experience servicing an extensive clientele portfolio island-wide, we pride ourselves in being dynamic and flexible that has allowed us to be at more than 200 unique locations and counting.